Green bean, zucchini, poached egg, red onion, little lettuce, and fancy mayonnaise sandwich

A veggie sandwich with an extremely satisfying texture. The grilled zucchini and green beans, offset by the pickled onions, the crisp lettuce, the tangy mayonnaise, and runny egg yolk make this one a real party in the mouth. 

This recipe does appear in the first edition of the book, but will not appear in the upcoming second edition. So here it is for your long term reference. A great thing to make now in August when these particular vegetables are so good and picnicking so appealing. Also, you can watch Andrew making this particular sandwich in our Kickstarter video. 

green beans (5-6 per sandwich)
zucchini (half of a small squash, per sandwich)
red spring onion (a few slices per sandwich, pickle one or two whole ones though)
little lettuce (a few leaves per sandwich)
fancy store-bought or scratch made mayonnaise
one egg per sandwich
muscatel vinegar (alt: red or white, both are fine)
tarragon white wine vinegar (alt: plain white wine vinegar)
olive oil
arugula flowers if you have access to them (or nasturtium or other edible flower)

Peel and slice the onion, sprinkle the slices with a little sugar and a little salt, then cover in muscatel vinegar. Let sit for at least half an hour.  Slice the zucchini thinly, lengthwise, and toss into a bowl. Drizzle with tarragon wine vinegar and olive oil. 

At the stove, bring a medium shallow pan of water to a boil, while heating up a grill pan. Prepare a small ice bath. Start cooking the zucchini on the grill pan. Meanwhile, blanch the green beans for 30-45 seconds in the boiling water, and transfer to the ice bath. When the zucchini is going tender and has grill marks on one side, flip using a pair of tongs to grill on the other side. Transfer the finished zucchini to a plate on the counter and replace them with the blanched green beans. Brush the green beans with olive oil, roll them over with the tongs, grilling for about one minute on the one side, pressing down once to ensure a good grill mark.

In the water left from the blanching, poach your egg via your preferred method. Wash and dress the lettuce with the smallest amount of oil, vinegar and salt. 

Break open the roll, spread on the fancy mayonnaise.  Stuff in the zucchini pieces and green beans. Top with the little lettuces and pieces of pickled onion. Stuff with the poached egg. Break it a bit so the yolk runs into the vegetables. Add a big cracking of black pepper, some flaky salt and the spicy flowers, then serve.