Berry & Beaujolais Summer Drink

Perhaps this Saturday night would be made better by a "Berry & Beaujolais summer drink."  For sipping in a shady corner, while watching the shadows of the leaves dance around on the wall. 

half a glass of beaujolais wine
a few spoonfuls of strawberry/beaujolais compote (or other soft berry compote)
half a glass of sparkling water

A drink to make the day after the Black Pepper Cheesecake with Strawberry/Beaujolais Compote in the book, or to approximate at other times with other ingredients. This could easily be done throughout the later summer with currants, raspberries, marionberries, or blackberries. 

Spoon a couple of strawberries (or other fruit) into the bottom of a glass, with a few more spoonfuls of jammy compote. Fill the glass half with beaujolais, then the other half with sparkling water. Stir, let mingle for a second, and enjoy.